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  • Squeak! Good choice! Bears are always cute. Besides, it could go well for you when you wear Bambino Teddies! :3
    Okay I've done some thinking and I'm torn between two: a bear cub (like grizzly bear) or a tiger cub. Ahh! How do I choose??
    Cute! How did you develop your fursona? I've trouble finding out just what animal I am.
    I don't have a fursona or anything, but I've been interested in it for a while. You interested in it too?
    I've never ordered from ABU, but their Cushies seem like fun :) I usually order from Bambino, just got a case of Abena M4s from there.
    I think Bambinos are fine. I have a small waist, so the size reduction is good for me. I had it stuffed, so the absorbency went way up :)
    Yea it's great! I'm all diapered up right now. Got Bambino classicos stuffed with dry comfort extra from a med supply store. And of course my onesie + paci :p
    It's good, gonna be doing a decent bit of reading for my British lit course this weekend for sure. My roommate leaves for Houston every weekend, so I'll a little alone time to just baby out :)
    Oh? Congrats on getting a onesie! Adding a little AB stuff can add a little fun to your diaper side sometimes! And you're at UT, right? So what are you studying?
    Hello fellow Austinite :)

    I'm doing well, just finished up classes for the day. Also my first onesie shipped in today :)
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