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    Women have the best butts to make diapers look good.

    Or like two beach balls fighting in a gunnysack.
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    Women have the best butts to make diapers look good.

    Can’t help myself but when looking at photos of women in diapers and plastic pants I just don’t see how they could look any better. It’s probably because that’s the way I was diapered and the way my wife and I diapered our children. In my view there’s nothing better than seeing a woman in cloth...
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    Wives and incontinence

    Yah, it’s dehydrated the Hell out of me more than once!!!
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    Wore a cloth contour to a medical procedure.

    I have a procedure called a radio frequency done to nerves in my neck annually. It’s done in 2 outpatient visits and I have to lay face down on a table where the doctor has a fluoroscope to aid him in locating the nerves that he’s going to cauterize. Wearing an open back examination gown doesn’t...
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    Thrift Shop Diaper Finds :)

    The handyman’s secret helper! I wonder if Red Green ever thought of using duct tape on his diapers?
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    Wives and incontinence

    This is one of the few times that I’ve felt fortunate to be divorced! I’ve been on my own for nearly 30 years and I’ve gotten rather used to having things as I want them. This has allowed me to be diapered 24/7 for the past 4 years and though I can control myself at times I’m mostly incontinent...
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    Most people don’t run around looking at your posterior unless it’s unusually well shaped or vastly different from the average one. Odors emanating from your diaper will change this almost immediately upon them catching that first whiff. An investigation will be launched by most people whether...
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    Aww, poo; I had to use my toilet for the first time in three weeks.

    Reminds me of when I first started driving semi in the late 70’s and the region that I was driving in had very few truckstops and even fewer that had shower facilities. After a few days of driving and loading and unloading I couldn’t stand it any longer and took a bath in a small creek in...
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    How did your diaper life start?

    My diaper attraction didn’t start with diapers but with plastic pants. When I was about 3 I remember being in my elderly babysitter’s bathroom when she wondered what I was doing in there and found me with plastic pants that were down around my knees when she opened the door. My mother was trying...
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    Petroleum Jelly

    I’ve detailed the system that I’ve refined over the years in other threads but I’ll repeat it here. First, if I’m going to go for up to 24 hours I start with double contour gauze diapers (4/10/4 ply each) followed by 2 gauze soakers (10 ply each). Then a folded terry bath towel and finally a...
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    Snapon plastic pants for nighttime?

    I’ve seen those pants with the single front flap before as well as the ones with the side snaps that are almost in the front at the sides. I’m not sure if I would like them or not as I sometimes sleep on my belly. It seems that I cover almost all possible positions through the night. Also, I...
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    Snapon plastic pants for nighttime?

    The first I remember of my fetish for plastic pants was when I was about 3 and I had a bed wetting issue. Through the next 6 or 7 years I would ask my mom for plastic pants to “help keep my bed dry”. She said that she didn’t think that they would help without a diaper to soak up the liquid and...
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    Snapon plastic pants for nighttime?

    Recently I ordered 3 pair of Haian snapon plastic pants. Initially I had intended them to be for use when I was ambulatory but as I wore them more and more I tested them for leakage in the snap area while lying down. Much to my surprise there were no leaks. So for the past 2 nights I’ve worn...
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    Have you ever gone on order history and added up how much you've spent on nappy related stuff?

    So, figuring 11 years you’re spending about $1550 a year. Not as bad as the $17k looks at first glance.
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    Abena m4 reviews

    Abena M-4’s are my out of the house diaper. I’ve wet them up to 4 times for light wetting, 2 times for flood wetting. Adding a mess to a heavily wet diaper is pushing its capabilities but with a good diaper cover I’ve managed to contain the small leaks as well as helping to control odor. These...