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  • Sure, sounds good ^^

    I'm on the busy side right now, but I'll get back to ya when things start calming down.
    Hi Zedd! Are you named after a wizard by the name of Zeddicux Zu'l Zorander? I loved this wise wizard!! I followed the entire series, and Richard's/ Kahlan's plight and self-discovery. Zedd reminded me of Nicodemus in Secret of Nimh. I like your name :)
    Merci beaucoup :)

    J'aime votre avatar aussi - après tout, c'est un chien qui porte des lunettes ^^.
    Blast them to bits with a 12 gauge, of course! I'm not great at it (average 28/50), but I really enjoy the challenge and getting outdoors to walk about the countryside. And it's a relatively inexpensive sport to partake in. Do you shoot?
    Hey! Cool plushie idea :D

    I suggest you make a thread about it, and spread the word! Also, if it becomes famous enough, you might want to ask the mods to sticky the thread!
    Hiya *waves* hope you find some good people here
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