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    Omg I need this!! This was the one I meant to post I’m getting one🙈🙈🙈
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    Omg I need this!!

    Look look at this I need one my baby side would love this
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    I got these diapers last Friday and omg🙈I’m In love with them☺️☺️My new favorite
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    Cube movies

    Has anyone seen them? I love all 3 of them
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    Legalize marijuana?

    Yes I want to know everyone’s thoughts on this! Why do you think it should or should not be legal everywhere? My thoughts it should be legal helps cancer pain can help with depression and if you can’t eat helps with that as well. I am really curious on people answers on this
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    I can’t wait to try these diapers omg so cute!🙈 is the website safe to buy from? Sorry for being ignorant but I was just curious. I don’t want my credit card messed with it’s happened before buying diapers online
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    Are you wearing a diaper right now & is it wet or dry?

    Been wearing a abu kiddo Medium. Since last night it’s wet but It is still thirsty for more😯
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    Any Walking Dead fans?

    Well I’m Aisha nice to meet you😊
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    Any Walking Dead fans?

    Omg I love the walking dead
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    I Love my wife

    Does she ever compliment you In them? Lol when I was with my ex she would compliment me and say I look cute in diapers.
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    At work

    Yeah everyone loves me at my job! Been there for over 4 years now🙂
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    At work

    Do you think she knows your a ab? The woman that said That to me at the job. She does not I’m ab but she has toys In her office and she lets me play with them
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    At work

    That is really cute! Lol what does she say to you when she uses your mom voice?
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    At work

    Yesterday at work I was pulling trash I’m a janitor. And when I was pulling this woman trash she is my friend. She said there is my little boy my baby side melted with happiness! So my question to all the members is did anyone say anything babyish to you at work?
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    So excited

    I missed you!! And that's okay different strokes for different folks💯