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    Very sick! Diarrhea and diapers

    One time I was sick and in bed. I didn't wear a diaper and had to pee but was too weak to get up so I ended up wetting my bed. It still made me feel like a baby, but the clean up was too yucky so next time I think I'll wear some "protection."
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    Nature Vs. Nurture?

    I put a little bit of both. I think I want to be a baby because I was bullied at school a lot. But I also remember that I never liked growing up and having responsibility. I think it was a combination of both.
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    Infant potty training (Your thoughts)

    I think Infant Potty Training should be done only when its convenient. If your near a bathroom its fine, but if your in the car or on a plain, just let them do it in there diaper.