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    could use some help

    So i started seeing this girl who is 20 (im 20 also), and she lives with her mom still. so this girl knows i wear and like diapers for fun 24/7, and she wore a diaper the other day when i went and hung out with her and when i left she peed in it and was wearing it around her mom with only boxers...
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    not sure

    so im 20, and like everyone else here i wear diapers. i wear them every night and whenever im not with friends. i have been trying to find a girl that will accept that i like peeing and pooping in diapers. just isnt happening. I feel like giving up. I wish there were more girls in wisconsin that...
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    Diaper wearing in public

    i have actually just worn a wet and messy depends and a shirt into walmart and pick n save