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  • me neither. maybe it has to do with the fact that if they cant tell us what to do, then theyre just the tallest people in the house :p
    they TRY to control how long i text, who i text, where i go, what i wear, who i get to hang out with, and even try to control the music i listen to. note the special emphasis on 'try'. they havent really, but its still irritating.
    not too good, just trying to stay positive though, it just seems like nothing is going my way. ever have one of those days where you feel like you just cant win?
    yeah those seem REALLY painful. its one of the things i like about being a guy :) how have you been?
    wait, i had to get the mandetory vaccines, are you talking about those shots they have the girls get?
    i had to too, it doesnt hurt so bad. i seriously thought that is was, cuz in the past it had, but no XD it just felt like letting your bare arm rest on a bark-ish tree. dont worry about it <3
    really? today was my first dad and it was not good either. it was chaos, and nobody knew were they were supposed to be, my classes are the most BORING ever, and my favorite friend from my group didnt say more than three words to me. it sucked.
    my condolences for having to return to the terrible mixture of hiarchy and anarchy so soon. let me know how it goes, k? i wish you the best
    Usually when Im not feeling good I usually take a nap, it helps to relax myself.
    same, im kinda scared cuz people say its the hardest year. its lots of fun at my school, but all the grown ups are so closed-minded. how is it at your school?
    how coincidental XD i go back thursday too :) the 8th though, so i have a week to do stuff. what grade are you going into?
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