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  • Sorry, its from a creepy painting that reminds me of the "Little Sisters" from Bioshock and
    Bioshock II. LOL, I should probably change it before someone gets the wrong idea.
    ok kool,
    do you ski or snow board?
    We had like 2 inches of snow here Saturday night and it's starting to feel like Christmas time!
    I saw the special edition when it came on. I love robot chicken and a few other shows on AS.
    I would love to know the name of the stores as far as Denver, but Colorado Springs is just to far for me, I would love to get up their and buy them, but I don't think I can, Thanks a ton for your help, especially for me being such a new member... Oh and on a side note, do you think a Japanese/Chinese Market would have adult diapers from Japan/China? Just wondering...
    Hey hey! Uh... there's a huge red thing in your avatar that looks like an apostrophe that shouldn't be there... that is all =) (It's really bugging me, sorry).
    I read your sig I see you like Robot Chicken Star Wars I watched the special edition last night.
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