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    Do you wear diapers to work?

    Don’t play the big sob story bud. You are the only one that will advance your career or at least get a job. Biggest thing is having transportation, I don’t blame anyone for not hiring you if you rely on someone else to get you to work. It’s a headache and a liability no employer wants to...
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    Sexual Relief?

    Like most things, the more you do it, the novelty wears off. I wear almost 24/7/365 (some days not, but always at night) and it’s definitely not like it was 15 years ago when I’d damn near blast off just putting on a diaper lol
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    Do you wear diapers to work?

    Pretty much 24/7/365 just for fun My day to day tasks vary, usually working in the shop (HD tech) or out operating equip. Either way usually diapered up unless theirs a real good reason not to!
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    Rearz safari sizing

    I don’t know how they fit now, or if those are new or old.. but I’ll say the old safaris did fit smaller than their other diapers that were stated to be the same size/fit
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    Diaper masterbation

    Yea, short of a quick buzz in the morning, the diaper can get pretty “used” in the process, so most times i do the deed just before changing
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    Petroleum Jelly

    For shorter more normal wear times (say 4 hours or so) I’ve never had an issue with baby oil or Vaseline. But... for longer times like 8hr+, it definitely becomes an issue I’ve never had an issue with it bleeding the ink off the diaper but I’ve had many different diapers literally fall apart...
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    Any Black Friday 2019 Deals?

    I’d still wear them lol
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    Can you pull a diaper down like underwear?

    Depends on the diaper and how you tape them up If you tape up the diaper pretty tight, especially a 4 tape diaper they can take a bit of effort to shuffle down your hips without popping a tape or ripping them especially if you’re not pencil thin! I usually wear single tape diapers and I prefer...
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    Growing up- did encountering girls wetting their beds/ wearing nappies affect your sexual orientation?

    I can remember back in grade 8 or so, one of the girls in my grade was getting teased about being a bedwetter and wearing diapers. I pretty much popped when I heard that in the hallways lol. She was hot as fk too. Should have gotten to know her better lol
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    Best stuffed animal for adults

    I’d snuggle that 😂
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    How are you dressed for ni-ni tonight?

    Usually in a sdk or kiddo and a lks sleeper or a heavier one if I’m cold.. and squishing the fluff out of bear 😁
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    Best stuffed animal for adults

    My bear is the best, but he’s mine and you can’t have him 😂
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    Diapers and Coffee... do they mix??

    It definitely makes for a smelly diaper, but I don’t find it to be an issue as far as it being bad enough that someone else can smell it. That is unless I’m pretty dehydrated and/or I drink alooottttt of coffee, then it definitely gets bad enough that someone else would be able to smell it
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    ABDL blackmail!!

    It’s just a jerkoff fantasy for a loser that has nothing else to do
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    Diapers at Work, Do you plan to change, or plan to use all day??

    I always keep a spare handy but I’ll usually go the whole day without needing a change