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    2 taped diapers

    All depends on your body type. I find the 2 tapes work quite well for me now whereas 15 or so years ago when the original abu diapers came out, they weren’t a great fit for me. And it didn’t help that the diapers were comparable to a depend at the time lol
  2. ykdprdave

    Question: how much do you spend on Diapers?

    Roughly $6 (Canuck bucks) a day, so roughly $2200 a year plus other supplies 🤷‍♂️
  3. ykdprdave

    ConfiDry 24/7 discontinued on Northshore😥

    Never tried them after they switched over around 10 or so years ago. The originals were a great diaper and the cut was perfect for me, I still haven’t found another diaper that fits like they did once the originals were depleted I never bothered to try the newer batches as general consensus...
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    Who was a diapered bedwetter as a child?

    Very early after potty training I was still diapered for bed, I recall being diapered at bed time but nothing more than that. Not sure if I was still wetting they bed at that point or not I know a few years later I did have a year or so of regular wet nights, though never diapered that I can...
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    Loose fit after taping tightly

    Most likely the plastic stretching I’ve also found that if you don’t position the diaper correctly when taping it up, it’ll always Become loose after the diaper shifts into a position on your hips that it likes
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    ABU announces upgrades to there peekabu line

    Just got another load of diapers the other day. Amongst them, some of the dec 2019 batch peekabu. Be interesting to see the comparison between them and what I’ve got left in my stash which is a nov 2018 batch never had issues with the tapes, and the backing wasnt an issue for me. The last...
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    Do you ever purge?

    Back in my teens I went through the binge/purge cycles horribly. Later on as I started to accept this side of me, the purging stopped. i grew to accept this as part of my life, and try not to let it interfere with my life also. There are times I go 24/7 and really get into little mode while...
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    Ever had a diaper pop?

    I’ve only had it happen a couple times over the course of close to 20 years. They were pretty much all caused by a snug fitting diaper trapping air, then sitting down caused the diaper to pop! Did have the back split on me once from likely just being too tight and moving the wrong way it’s...
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    question about ABU customer support

    Sample prices are high, but consider the fact that you get a coupon for $5 also they have to do this or they’d have 8 billion single diapers a month to ship out to people at near-case pricing
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    Alberta Canada

    Peace river
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    Why are diapers so addicting?

    Can’t tell you why, but I just feel empty or incomplete without them had the diaper bug since I was potty trained and for whatever reason life is just better with a diaper. 🤷‍♂️
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    Can you reuse an old diaper?

    Chances are it’s polluted with bacteria but hey, whatever floats yer boat.
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    J&J ending production of talc based powders North America

    Personally any amount of asbestos is just not good imo. I’m sure as adults the trace amounts will likely do no harm, but to a child...? I know all about glyphosate, use it quite regularly and trust me no farmer wants to go around blasting it every chance they get. It’s just a fact of modern...
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    J&J ending production of talc based powders North America

    Definitely a sad day. The original j&j powder is one of my favourite and definitely one of the key things that trigger my memories of growing up but, if the product isn’t safe, I can’t say that it’s the wrong decision for them.
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    Anyone find it slightly inappropriate so many abdl’s are complaining about the shortage of baby diapers and goodnites?

    of course everyone has the right to do what they want, it’s just not the “right” thing to do when your little kink can be impacting the livelihood of a child that NEEDS those diapers.