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  • About the lol's, that is true. We were singing "It's raining men, Hallelujah!" << I don't know the rest of the lyrics. Or The Lion Sleeps Tonight in my Division.
    - laughs my freakin' ass off- Is it bad when you miss showering with a bunch of dudes?
    HAHAHAHAHAAAAAHAAAAA!!!! You have no idea how true that is. It's always 90+ people in SEPS. It rarely goes below 100 for more than a day or two. The most we had while I was waiting was 150+. That much testosterone is a bad idea.
    They are hunting people for some pretty stupid reasons. ADHD during someone's childhood, DISCHARGED, they even manage to diagnose people with minor schizo. who I dont think actually have it.
    Nope, it was not me willing to go. I fought my case and even took it all the way up to the Admiral. And what do I get for it, I get my re-entry code changed from RE-8 to RE-4. They could have at least told me my code was changed and actually explained it to me. It goes to show just how much my country can love the fucked up recruits. -sigh-
    Hey I'm out of SEPS, ( separations) and am home. You said to hit you up, so here I am knocking. I will explain when you get on.
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