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    The fact that you are still checking up on this site is enough for me to start coming back. It's...

    The fact that you are still checking up on this site is enough for me to start coming back. It's so very nice to see that you still pop in. Also *gives Humphrey a looooooooooong overdue huge bear hug* Heya Humphrey! ^_^ I missed you two.
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    Yea, I found the most people in the Barrie area through ADISC. :P

    Yea, I found the most people in the Barrie area through ADISC. :P
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    Abandoned Places

    OMG, I LOVE UrbExing! I have taken part in SOOO many local Uban Explorations. Like one was an old abandoned Asylum in Orillia, an old abandoned Molson Brewery Plant just a few minutes away from my house, a MASSIVE abandoned greenhouse complex, and I can go on and on all day. It's one of my most...
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    Mibbit on the Wii?

    Hey guys. So I recently got a new Wii in the last few days, and had to send in my BRAND NEW laptop to be repaird (hard drive fail, seems I got a lemon of a hard drive). So I was wondering, until my laptop comes back, if it was possible to use Mibbit on the Wii. I hear it can be done. I can...
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    Stop and Shop no longer carrying Depend fitted max

    There's actually quiet a few A&Ps here in Ontario, though they rebranded the one in my city to Metro. Bu yea, I know there's a lot of them in Toronto and there's one in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. cause it's like 3 seconds away from my grandparent's house. I think they are all getting phased out to...
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    How many of you get turned on by seeing a guy/girl in a wet diaper?

    Ironically I am watching Dirty Jobs on the TV as I type this, lmao! And yea, I do find it arousing.
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    Jay Mohr wears diaper

    Jay is a guy who was in a few good movies, some you would know like Small Soldiers, Pay It Forward and The Adventures of Pluto Nash. He is also in some pretty popular TV shows, like Scrubs, and Monk. He is also a pretty funny stand-up comedian. He is the creator and host of NBC's Last Comic...
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    RIP Gary Coleman

    Ah, yes, a brain hemorrhage is a nasty little bugger. Was shocked and saddened to hear he had died. I was too young to see Different Strokes. But I know Gary Coleman, hell, everyone does. 42 is too young to die... Whatchu talkin bout Willis? I guess he finally moved on up to the Deluxe...
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    just something i found

    "Large Fursona: Your fursona is large and in charge! You're confident and assertive, and know how to get your way. This can come in handy sometimes! Just as long as you don't step on anyone's toes ... Example species: Dragon, tiger, wolf." Which is funny, because my fursona is a Horse.
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    Firefox addons

    My addons are: Chatzilla: Perfect for ADISC's IRC chat. Cooliris: A cool 3-D program that lets you scroll through pictures and video in 3-D. DNA addon (required) for BitTorrent FoxyProxy: A simple to use Proxy FoxyTunes: Controls any media player (WMP, VLC, YouTube, ect) from Firefox Personas...
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    Things to do in TO, On a Budget?

    Yea, the Kensington Market is badass, I LOVE that place, you find the most random odd things there...
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    If You Could Only Ever Have One Baby Product, What Would It Be and Why?

    Diapers, but if it is already included, then footed sleeper...
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    Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and Thrift Shops

    In 2 weeks, I'm heading down to Stratford, Ontario to visit my dad for the weekend. On the way down there, we are gonna go to St. Jacobs Farmer's Market and Flea Market. The biggest Flea Market in Canada. Over 600 vendors. The thing is like a small village. CAN'T WAIT! I went there last year...
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    Dio has passed away.

    RIP Ronnie James Dio, you join an ever growing epic group with the big "G" in the sky. I raise my \m/ in your tribute.
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    Flea Markets, Yard Sales, and Thrift Shops

    I LOVE flea markets. I have an epic flea market 10 minutes away from me, the 400 Flea Market (named after the highway it's beside, Highway 400) I never go though. It's only open on Sundays and there is no transit to get there. :( I wish I could go there... When I was down in Mississauga...