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  • Had to drop in a message.. Ontario Rules and Drawn Together Rules! .. oh.. and GO LEAFS GO!! ahah
    Well I'm assuming you mean top 5 favoret characters. But I'm going to name 10 :D
    1. Barry Burton
    2. Albert Wesker
    3. Chris Redfield
    4. Steve Burnside
    5. Billy Coen
    6. Clair Redfield
    7. Zombie #1 (lol)
    8. Leon.S.Kennedy
    9. Ada Wong
    10. Brad Vickers
    What are your top 10?
    Ya that would be cool, But be warned I'm a HUGE resident evil geek lol.
    Hi, I love lego too thats why my name is legokid :D and I love having deep religious debates with people because I get to learn a lot about different religions. Yes, we should talk sometime :)
    I like the Punisher movies (War Zone the least thought), but I don't really care for him in comics. Though I think that is mostly because I don't own any Punisher comics, just him appearing in other titles. He is usually not reading the situation right, and making things worse than the need to be in those situations, and that makes him come off, to someone who doesn't read his books, as being stupid. Why do you ask?
    HOLY CRAP, you've never heard of RHPS, you know the song The Time Warp?, it is from this movie. It is actually amazing, I was referencing the movie and all the call back lines associated with it. It is super super cool, it's a crazy musical. You will love it when you see it, .torrent it or something if you need to.
    Oh I see. The games I usually play are some form of action. I cant play just racing games I need action, explosions, and shooting. In fact I think all the games I have include killing
    =D Nm. Was talking to MilkAndCookies on here, we're really good friends lmao =o turns out she plays rs, too. xD We have a lot in common! But she's 18 in Cali, and I'm 15 in Indy.. I really hope that one day we can get together :'( She's everything I'm looking for in a girl, dude.. Why does she half to be all the way across the States?! T_T
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