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  • Merry Christmas to you!! I love the I ROCK ONESIES video :)
    I must teach you how to play Pokemon games, sometime soon hmmmm. Oh yeh...
    I just got some of those new Goodnites... they're so awesome! When I lose 10 more pounds, they'll fit perfectly
    Merry Christmas! remember to wish Jesus a happy birthday
    Krampas says hi
    Yep, and then I seen you have over 300 friends... Would explain why I seen it on almost every profile I have visited. The song you sent is on my phone now, so yes.

    Oh, and I got your Yahoo messenger friend request :)
    nice pic
    Merry Christmas!!!!
    Thanks for the pic. Hope you have a good Christmas :)

    How long has it took you to post it on almost EVERYONE'S profile page though?
    Oh, for the running, I was on the track team during highschool.. and I now prefer doing sprints over distance running. Although I do run a few miles at a time when I am bored :eek:
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