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  • How's it going? Sorry I haven't replied. I have been away from the site for awhile. Thank you for the Happy New Years message.
    Happy New Year to you too *hugs*
    We need to chat sometime, it's been too long.
    yeah i was there in the summer and its become amazing XDsuper capitalist. with the right connections and cash, you basically get a backstage pass to anywhere you wanna go :D and theres private guards, bulletproff cars, and because large gangs down there have money to blow, theyve been making incredible new shopping centers and social hubs. its becoming quickly an amazing place that i would actually consider going to live there. its just become so appealing, and idk what happened cuz a few years back i woulda been like 'no WAY' to the idea of living there, but now because of the lack of direction and safety i see here in the US, i wanna go live there and it would be so nice and open and free. it has to be the most libertarian government ive ever seen XD

    and yeah barely anybody talks here anymore o_O such a shame
    No mucho, ¿Y tú? Estoy bien.
    Bro, we haven't spoke in such a long time. Where have you been? What have you been up too? I have so much to tell you, hahaha.
    I'm finnaly back in the USA :D guatemala was fun, but I've had enough lol and I got a call that they're finally ready (after a month) such ineptitude on their part...
    Muy bien, trabajando mas que nada. Estoy animado por esta oportunidad para practicar mi espanal; Ha sido mucho tiempo desde he practicado. Tu tendres que correjir mis equivocaciones. De donde tu aprendiste espanal?
    Pretty good, just been keeping up with studies and stuff.
    How did the meet-up go with that guy? We'll have to Skype sometime soon, feels like its been ages since we've spoke.
    Oh that's interesting. Where did you travel to?

    Yeah I still have a decent amount of disposable diapers in my stash. I probably won't be restocking them because i've started using cloth diapers because they are much cheaper in the long run and they don't leak as easily as disposables do. However, I might purchase more GoodNites when I run out.
    Sorry for the long time of nothignness, school got epically insane and I've spent the past 4 months studying for the MCAT.

    but, how are you?
    id stick with contacts, theyre safer, plus you can get different colors like me :) im getting set of purple ones and green ones this friday XD and alright, il try to find this Minosin.
    It was all right except for my laptop's battery being destroyed last week. I had it sent in for repairs and hopefully I will get it back by this week. On the bright side, my online order for small dinosaur "training pants" cloth diapers arrived today from baby pants. They are such awesome prints! How was your month of July?
    aw man, hurricane season, thats nuts scary! i hope fourth of july was fun. i experienced it once on a trip to chicago years and years ago, had such a great time. you guys really know how to celebrate your countrys day; over here everyone just walks around in flags, and all the bogans (like hillbillys, except we have heaps of them everywhere, yuck) go on about how australia's for white people only. it's a pretty pathetic public holiday. :p
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