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  • Hey there!~ I'm alright, had a busy (but fun nonetheless) Halloween! I'm going to the oral surgeon tomorrow for a tooth implant though. How are you?
    Woah, I wish I was that far done! It will probably be in about a week or so, my partner and I are creating a lesson plan and finalizing our notes.
    Yes, my teach isn't a meanie per se, but she is very demanding. I've only been back to school for about 4 days and she expects us to take notes and prepare for an entire class period presentation (48 minutes) with a partner about an assigned human body system. Mine's the muscular system. *sigh*

    About the fursuit, I understand that you can make it by hand, I just know that a sewing machine would be easier and much more efficient. I would like to make hand-paws; I think those would be pretty straightforward to make even without a sewing machine. I've got a tail and ears I bought at a huge anime convention last winter that I looooove to pieces. I've even worn them to school before ^^'
    You know, I'd really like to, so I'll ask for a sewing machine or art studio this Christmas. School just started back up for me, so I'm swamped with work, especially because I'm taking a college-level biology class. Once I'm able to break from all the work, I'll be more willing to start making one. Thanks for the offer for giving me advice, I may have to take up that offer sometime :3
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