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    The Furr Den?

    ask lig the liger, hes the owner of it, and it is invite only. pm me for his contact information
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    The Furr Den?

    im already there, just dont drop by ANY forums much'
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    Plushies in stores?

    i got my all my plushies scrounging around at goodwill. plus, they are are some of the softest plushes i ever had :< some people.
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    Should bambino's make a furry diaper?

    unless they could sell to both ab/dl's and babyfurs. you know, something that would appeal to BOTH
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    i can ask my daughterfur. she makes fursuits for a living
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    Swine Flu, what's everyone's thought?

    not worried in the least. its really not much for fatal than the regular flu (actually less so i think, since of the 146 confirmed cases in the us, there is only 1 death). anyway i have a strong immune system, i only REALLY get sick once every 3 years. my mom had west nile virus and only found...
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    Scared of the word diaper?

    im not scared of it. dont like the word diapee or other overcute words
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    Thinking of joining the armed forces.

    start training NOW. if you become a crack shot before you even enlist, your chances of survival skyrocket. also, if your really serious about this, go whole hog and aim for the special forces. its like they sayd, aim for the moon, even if you miss youll land among the stars.
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    Is there anything wrong with physically becoming a fur?

    i really dont care either way. after i finish doing my fallout shelter, im going into business building them for other people (as long as there is paranoia, there WILL be fallout shelters)
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    welcome *hands out free bottles*
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    Furry Conventions

    meh. lets just say its probably going to be ALOT tamer than stalker-realplayer 3 (youtube it sometime)
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    Is there anything wrong with physically becoming a fur?

    depends on your definition of wrong, and how far your willing to go for it. i myself plan on getting an orca tail, but i am aware PETA may try to firebomb my house, and so am planning accordingly. also, best to ALREADY have a job and not get fired from it. im going for a bio major, and i plan...
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    Omfg dad got shot at

    im still in shock
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    Howdy's From Australia

    heh. is sidney west section of australia? i dont have a map handy right now but i have a AB/DL dolphin brother in west austrailia
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    tv nursepat

    ok settle down guys. ^-^ heh. welcome, i also recently me someone who is interested in dress up, particuarly being put in a rubber orca costume, being dressed like a mermaid, etc. i would do my customary welcome by handing out free vodka, but this is a babyfur forum >.>;;;