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    Any uk people

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    Why do you Love (hate or dislike) printed diapers?

    White, all white with no patterned landing strip etc. My ideal nappy is the confidry 24/7 but they are impossible to get hold of in Europe let alone UK. Patterned nappies, especially the baby print types give me the creeps.
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    Plastic or cotton?

    I hate cotton feel nappies. They rub my thighs, sag and most of all.... they ain't plastic!
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    Want a new choice

    I'm bored! Bored with the lack of choice of adult nappies available in the UK. I've stacks of plastic backed abena M4's to work my way through so got plenty of supplies. I just want something nice that feels right. I want a white blank nappy that isn't covered cartoon pictures or colourful...
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    Nona Classic Slip

    I noticed on Save Express Germany that a new taped plastic backed nappy was listed. I've never seen them before but they look similar to...
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    Plastic backed abena M4

    My store of PE M4s. I do find them to be the most comfortable for my body size. I wish they were a bit bigger all over but that could be said about most medium nappies... I think 'my diaper' made a 'Regular' sized which sat inbetween medium and large but they never make it into the UK. My...
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    Plastic backed abena M4

    I see again that the plastic backed abena M/L4 days are numbered. From several sites i see that they are being withdrawn. I've even emailed the manufacturers asking what are their reasons for this? I personally can't stand cloth backed nappies and the plastic backed are becoming rarer and...
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    Adult nappies for sale

    I've got loads of open nappies for sale that i need to shift. Basically what has happened is I've bought many different manufacturers over the years and they either don't fit right or aren't what i expected when i ordered them. Consequently I'm left with packets of un usuable nappies that will...
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    Identify this nappy please...

    I've posted this question before but forgot about it. Now searching for an answer to my query. This nappy i bought with a load of other samples from ABDL Factory. None of them came labelled, some were easy like Tena and ABU but a lot were plain. I have lots of photos of the offending nappy but...
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    ABDL Factory: Easy Slip Night, Plastic Backed

    Has anyone tried these nappies? I bought every possible plastic backed nappy from Factory and these were amongst the single samples. Tried the medium and the large; got to say they are the most comfortable soft plastic nappy ever. They may not be the thickest or the most expensive but they're...
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    Identify the nappy!

    As previously posted on this site I made a massive order from ABDL factory, one of every white plastic backed nappy the sell in single trials. Brilliant delivery as I said but they haven't labeled any of them! I've worked out which some are by the printing and makings on the backing which acts...
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    ADBL Factory

    Towards the end of 2016 I placed an order with the above company in no urgent rush to get it delivered...'it'll come when it comes etc'....i tell myself. So with one week before Christmas I get surprising emails saying my order is being picked and then dispatched. More surprising is it arrived...
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    What's the biggest your stash has ever been?

    I finally have the house to myself so i've taken the opportunity to do a stock take. For me the ideal nappy needs to have certain qualities: Full soft PLASTIC backing in white, preferably without logos Plastic wings, not fabric or breathable mesh Good padding that doesn't clump up or break...
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    Lile adult nappies

    I tried lille nappies years ago, now they seem to have changed. Dear anyone have any experience of lille nappies, there seems to be two types listed but certain info is missing from the spec I've looked at. Some seem to have stars on, some plain white, cloth like or plastic, breathable wings etc..
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    Plastic backed......UK based

    I'm endlessly searching the internet for a decent plastic backed nappy. I currently use the tender care night all in ones but the quality has gone further down hill and the nights are just as thin as the day pads now I think. I don't wet much but I would like the padding and fluff to stay...