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    ABDL Factory

    What happening at factory? Tried to place an order only to see that 'we are no longer taking orders'
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    Is this just me...

    I have highlighted the same issue to suppliers as well as on here. XP Medical used to make a 'regular' size diaper in USA, Save express wouldn't stock it though even though they carried the S,M&L of the same range. I have no chance of getting betterdry large to fit. The confidry 24/7 were the...
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    Diapers similar to Abena M4

    Its not the absorption that bothers me, its the way they fit. I'm stuck between medium and large adult nappy sizes, 24/7 were perfect being slightly big on sizing
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    NRU Get Nappied diapers

    Tena are too thin i'm afraid. Barely know its between your legs!
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    NRU Get Nappied diapers

    Have they got rid of that stupid big logo yet from all remaining stock? I'd say the design is very babyish!
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    NRU Get Nappied diapers

    I've been looking at the nappies R us website for a while in my eternal search for Abena PE replacement.... the get nappied range looks like a nice soft plastic backed nappy but i don't want all the baby designs all over it... just doesn't do it for me, never has. Where do these base nappies...
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    Abena L4 Slip - What’s Happened?!

    Confidry are impossible to get hold of in Europe now, they were expensive but worth paying for the supreme quality.
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    Diapers similar to Abena M4

    I've yet to find a replacement for my favorite Abena M4PE nappies. I bought as many packs as i could store when they thoughtlessly cancelled production in Europe. I'm getting down to the last few packs now ans starting to panic a little...
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    Sleeping with a diaper on

    When I'm on nights and sleeping through the day I always wear a nappy. Its probably the best thing about being on nights, that and having the big bed to myself. Ive worked nights for 4 years now as part of my day/night shifts and i don't think ive ever missed a chance to be padded. Recently...
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    Drylife Slip

    I found Drylife to be quite hard plastic when the first came out. I got some free samples when i called at the new premises they have. Unfoortunatly the sizing is terrible for me. The medium is a small fit and the tapes don't fit well round my thighs. The large are too large meaning there is a...
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    Thrust Vector: Betterdry

    No use in the UK!
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    Thrust Vector: Betterdry

    They are a European manufacturer, the shipping in the UK was minimal. There is nothing posted on the manufacturer website....last time I checked.
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    Thrust Vector: Betterdry

    Why are all suppliers I look at out of stock of the betterdry range? Nappies'R'us, incontinence shop Bolton (same warehouse) ABDL Factory Save Express ..and others... all out of stock. Is there a supply issue that anyone is aware of?
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    Confidry Size Small

    Its medium I want!
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    a much better way of taping the diapers

    Isn't that the normal way printed on most nappy packs?