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    Email Bouncing

    My email [email protected] is a valid account that I use regularly. Can you fix your end? Woodenpotty
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    Potty Training Issues

    The are a lot of pictures of outhouses with multiple seats. It doesn't sound like they worried too much about privacy. My guess is the outhouse was enclosed to keep you out of the weather while partially undressed. Many people lived in one room homes. I'm sure they would have seen the...
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    Potty Training Issues

    Being trained at 9 months means mom was trained. Children that age don't recognize the signs by their self. But as soon as they can, they are potty trained and mom has saved a ton of diapers in the mean time.
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    Potty Training Issues

    I guess in part because it was luxury for our ancestors. With large families and one bathroom for at least for members of the same sex to be using the facility at once. Once families got smaller and we got multiple bathrooms we could afford that luxury. So later generations adapted to privacy.
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    Abdl furniture

    I build potty chairs. In the usual toddler sizes but also in larger sizes. Freight gets ridiculous as they get bigger. And potty chairs, even in adult sizes are smaller than a high chair, so freight has to be worse. A knock down design (like IKEA stuff) might be much more economical. But...
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    Custom Baby Reins, input?

    For buckles you need to find the right ones. Luvshugs one is simple to open and naughty babies might open them. If you search you can find ones like the first photo. These require the button in the center being depressed and also the sides being squeezed. Pretty tricky when located behind...
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    History of women's underwear article

    It seems that a long time ago that was true. By Victorian times rags were worn between the legs kind of like a modern thong. But at other times their drawers were crotchless.
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    magnesium citrate

    It has the most disgusting taste! Like drinking toilet bowl cleaner BAH
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    Were you spanked as a child

    I was born in 1947. I knew of only one kid in all of my Elementary school that wasn't spanked. So I'd bet 99% of early baby boomers were spanked.
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    I was born in the 40s. At ten if I pooped my pants more than once, I'd be paddled or given the strap. As matter of fact any soiling your pants after potty training was over (usually by age 2) would have gotten me or any kid a bright red bottom.
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    Many baby boomers will say 2 or before.
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    It would be nice to know your real age. I am 72 and baby boomers were all potty trained at an early age and the majority didn't fixate on diapers. So perhaps there might be a different reason or maybe you are right, who knows for sure? And I am sure that in just about 95% the mothers of...
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    In the late forties, I'm sure I must have been trained by two. Potty training was routinely started by 18 months or before. And it was accomplished by "nice" methods at first. By two it was done by any means possible and some of those would be called abusive today.
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    Re: Anyone have an adult high chair?

    For those who have made AB furniture for others, did you make it fully assembled? Or did you make it a knock down (like Ikea)? I've been asked in past to make things, but freight was ridiculous. Or have you found a way that wasn't hundreds of dollars?
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    Adult Baby Rocking Horse

    These type things can be practical for a reasonably skilled wood worker to build. And there is the expense due to all the one of a kind labor. BUT often the big killer is freight. Furniture is very expensive to ship. Could be as much as four or five hundred dollar, depending on distance...