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    Were you spanked as a child

    I was born in 1947. I knew of only one kid in all of my Elementary school that wasn't spanked. So I'd bet 99% of early baby boomers were spanked.
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    I was born in the 40s. At ten if I pooped my pants more than once, I'd be paddled or given the strap. As matter of fact any soiling your pants after potty training was over (usually by age 2) would have gotten me or any kid a bright red bottom.
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    Many baby boomers will say 2 or before.
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    It would be nice to know your real age. I am 72 and baby boomers were all potty trained at an early age and the majority didn't fixate on diapers. So perhaps there might be a different reason or maybe you are right, who knows for sure? And I am sure that in just about 95% the mothers of...
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    When were you potty trained for Daytime

    In the late forties, I'm sure I must have been trained by two. Potty training was routinely started by 18 months or before. And it was accomplished by "nice" methods at first. By two it was done by any means possible and some of those would be called abusive today.
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    Methodist General Conference

    One point to consider, the judicial branch of the UMC has to review this. If they rule it doesn't meet the constitution of the church (which seems to be a distinct possibility), the plan is invalid and can't be enforced.
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    Re: Anyone have an adult high chair?

    For those who have made AB furniture for others, did you make it fully assembled? Or did you make it a knock down (like Ikea)? I've been asked in past to make things, but freight was ridiculous. Or have you found a way that wasn't hundreds of dollars?
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    Adult Baby Rocking Horse

    These type things can be practical for a reasonably skilled wood worker to build. And there is the expense due to all the one of a kind labor. BUT often the big killer is freight. Furniture is very expensive to ship. Could be as much as four or five hundred dollar, depending on distance...
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    Baby Harness/Reins

    They are great! great product great service
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    potty training

    potty chart Hey if you like potty training, why not? Here is a sample chart.
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    Spanking horse/bench

    What are your experiences with using a spanking horse either as a rider or spanker. :dunno:Being strapped on one awaiting punishment just seems to me to make what is coming worse.:sweatdrop:
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    AB Changing Table Ideas

    How about an attachment like in the picture to get legs out of the way and make cleaning the bottom easier?
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    Computer Nostalgia Thread

    paper tapes
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    Are parents becoming more senseless/lazy?

    The old time potty chairs had either a seat belt or a tray. The better ones had both. And the the child was usually secured in the chair. Although some moms didn't use either but if you got off the chair without permission, you got spanked.
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    Play Pens

    This was triggered by a parallel post in regard to child harnesses. I'm 71 and just about everyone used a play pen for their children. And today I don't see them. Do you have memories of being in or seeing in use play pens? And about what era was it? I guess I'm trying to also see when they...