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  • Hi Wolfy50,I am BabyBilly. I welcome you as a friend. I live in Louisa,Virginia. I have had to wear diapers for along time. I have never really been out of diapers. I know sooner got when around four when I became ill at age six from Encephalitis. This almost killed me and crippled me up. I had to wear diapers and stuff. And then when I was twelve I came down with Polio this finished me up mostly. Crippled even more and even less control of bladder and spenster muscles. And now I have diabeties. So since I am having to wear diapers 24/7 I have decided to have fun with it. And now I am a full time ab/dl when I am alone. I have quite a few fancy diapers and plastic pants. Some Anassies and footed PJs. This is fun and so I will keep it up for as long as I live.
    How about you,where do you live and what types of clothes do you have? And does your parents know about you? Please write. I am a nice guy,christain,and very honest and straight and clean.
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