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    Has anyone brought diapers on a cruise?

    Eh? Maybe on some ships, but on the two cruises I've been on, I'd have had no problem dropping things into the water off my balcony (not that I would).
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    baby formula?

    Esepecially the Green. Of, by, and for adults.
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    How Many Devices Do You Have On Your Network?

    Lots of zones of hydronic floor heat. It doesn't cost much to put the bedrooms on a different zone than the other living space.
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    How Many Devices Do You Have On Your Network?

    A lot Network: Two managed switches Six access points One Apple time capsule One WD MyCloud Laptops: 3 Macbooks 2 PCs Desktop 1 Alienware several other miscellaneous pcs Development Several raspberry pis and arduinos Smart Home 5 smart...
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    Loving your teddy bear

    I probably have over a hundred bears. My wife put a strict quota on how many could be in the bed at any one time though.
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    baby formula?

    They have a bit of a malty taste to them in my opinion. Just get what's cheapest, they're all about the same. Frankly, I'd rather put a frappuccino in my bottle.
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    As a Kid Could You Pop a Wheelie?

    Wheelies, riding no hands, built a jump and jumped bikes over a friend of mine (there's always that kid). Have done just about everything you can with a bike.
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    Scented vs. Unscented

    I just get scented wipes and that's enough for me.
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    Has anyone compared Tena Proskin Briefs to TENA Super Plus Underwear for Men?

    "Proskin" sounds like a brand name for a prophylactic.
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    Shy hello from South Africa

    Welcome. We were going to go to South Africa this fall, but due to COVID we decided to push it off until fall 2022.
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    Holy smokes, Jr plus nappies in tesco!!

    The biggest thing is that it says "Nappys" on the package rather than "active underwear" or whatever Tesco markets their "Bladder weakness" products under.
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    I have a question on this

    My wife only grumbled that I had more dresses and nicer stuff than she did. Of course, she felt free to borrow some stuff (she wore my cheerleader uniform and panties to a dance once).
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    would you like to be changed by another person?

    I have been changed by my girlfriend and then later by my wife. My wife was quite good at it.
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    Has anyone wore a diaper to the doctor?

    I've not had any trouble (I'm in NC). Amazon has them and will ship for free if you're prime.
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    Has anyone wore a diaper to the doctor?

    That's not quite true. I didn't have to remove my wedding ring and anything rigidly attached (dental implants and the like) are OK. You could always use a Snappi. I like them for when I wear cloth anyhow.