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  • Sorry, just realized you're an Ohio State fan. I just had to say...

    Go Tigers!!

    Happy Belated Birthday, my friend!! I hope you had a great time on it!! ^_^
    Hey there!! Just saying hi & to tell you, I hope you are doing well & things are going well for you too!! ^_^
    Hey there, my friend!! How have things been going with you? Hope to hear back from you soon!! ^_^
    More good news for Cleveland, the Cavs won the NBA Draft lottery & have the top pick in the draft, along with the 4th overall pick too, thanks to the Clippers & a trade during the season!!
    Hey there!! Good to hear from you & that you are keeping busy!! How have you been?

    Glad to see your baseball team is doing well & your college football team got some good news today, as Eddie George is being inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame!! With all the bad news lately, any good news is good, no matter how small!! Also, how do you think your Browns did in the draft?

    With me, I've been doing good, staying busy myself!!
    Hey there!! How have you been lately?

    Also, have you been watching RAW the past 2 weeks? I've felt like I am back in the "Attitude Era" again!! The Rock returning to RAW & not being PG like things have gotten, HHH & the Undertaker in the same ring together again & setting up a possible WM match against each other, & John Cena going "old school" & rapping on The Rock!! Man, it's been a great couple of weeks on RAW & it has me interested again!!
    Happy Birthday, my friend!! I hope your day was great & fun!! **hugs** ^_^
    Hey there, my friend!! How goes things? I hope well!! Don't forget about your NFL picks for this weekend, ok!! Also, recheck the college one, I think you have a game missing still!!
    Hey ya!! Just saying hi again & letting you know, you missed a few game picks in the college pool!! I hope things are going good for you!! Take care!!
    Hey there!! ^_^

    What do you think of the trade that went down, Quinn to the Broncos & are you glad the Browns signed Delhomme?
    Hey there!! Just wanted to say hi & see how you are doing?

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