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  • Sup bra, why do I never see you on skype anymore? Tell your sister to stop talking to child predators so your folks can lay of the internet policing.
    F***ing A man! Just saw them A few days ago, I really think Ged's voice sounds a bit better than on the last tour, from the footage I've seen, anyway. Awesome seeing another prog fan, let alone bassist and prog fan on here too. I love how your signature is ripped right from my favorite Floyd song hehe.
    Love the signature as well hehe... Bassed (yup corny bass joke) on your tagline, are you a RUSH fan too?
    Ahh! Awesome! I love Pink Floyd too!!! But I think I might like the Animals album a bit more than The Wall.
    Thank you for the sweet photo comment :)

    And I can't help but notice that your signature is a Pink Floyd lyric. coincidence or deliberate? :)
    Está todo bien.
    Buen fin de semana!

    Aquí hay algunos pañales para disfrutar de esta semana!
    Also, I thought you might be interested in this group:

    Spanish Speakers Group - ADISC.org
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