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  • No... not really. Also, I don't know if I want to do that yet. He still hasn't told Sephy he wants to wear diapers during the day. Plus, he's also quite shy and asocial... meaning he doesn't interact with others a whole lot besides Sephy. The thing is that Sephy treats him like a big boy, but Lulu doesn't like it. It's just harder for Lulu to express himself and his needs at times. I'm still trying to work on whether Lulu is autistic or just intellectually/developmentally disabled. ><
    I wish I could... but I feel like I have a reputation for writing or whatever. Like, I have to keep going until I'm sure where it's going to go. D: It would help if I knew more little activities that Sephy could do with Lulu. I mean, other than just the playground or toy store or something...
    I've tried that. I've tried just about everything I'm able to do... and nothing really works for me. >< It's probably because I spend too much time actually writing than really doing anything else or something... idk.
    Not much... just trying to write the third chapter of my ABDL story atm. I don't even know where I'm going with it, and I feel like I'm pretty much winging it. ><
    Yeah... I decided to go a different route with it to make it more interesting. Sorry about that. I'll do that soon~ Anyway, I'm doing really well. :3 How about you?
    hehe... Stuffies are amazing. I have a one of Skye. ^w^ She's so cuuuuuute. Okay... just shoot me a PM or something, I can link you to what I've written. I'm actually trying to work on my english language arts skills at the moment. XD
    That's a good question. XD I don't really have a favorite party tbh. Also, I was looking at your profile (not to be a stalker, I swear!), and I noticed you have high anxiety? I can totally relate to that. My anxiety is so bad that sometimes even the simplest things can be really challenging for me. :c
    Yay! First Visitor's message. Thanks for accepting my friend request. To answer your question, I've been here for about four years. It's a great place, people are really friendly, as you can see. I really love your new avatar, by the way. Friend of yours?
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