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  • Hi there :) Yeah, since school is over now and that I passed all my exams successfully I have a little more time to hang around here. :D Yay for summer break. Don't worry about slow email reply, I'm not very fast to answer my mails either ;) Will answer soon.
    Yay, another British musician! Funnily enough, I also play bass and guitar myself, along with some keys and violin.

    Yeah, hopefully now I've been to see the doctor all these problems I'm having will go away. I just have to wait and see what the doctors can actually do.

    And yowch, hope you also are managing OK.
    Hellos and Thanks for the message! I don't post that often anymore but that'll change soon. Yeah chen is awesome and I love her pirate form :3
    I agree! I tried to get my friend to play the games, but once he realized that they weren't dating sims, he dropped them. :c My favorite out of all of them has to be the Unthinkable Natural Law. For my favorite bullet hell, Mountain of Faith.
    I'm actually a fan of both the games and artwork/characters. >w< I've got every one of the games and a very extensive Touhou pictures folder. xD
    OURAN HIGHSCHOOL HOST CLUB! -high fives- And also: yeah. Crohns is so nasty. Especially with incontinence.... <_> So yeah no problem for the invite and such! =D
    Hey there! I see you friend requested me! I also see you have crohn's disease. Wow we have something in common already. :p So hey!
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