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    Not taking lessons right now, but I have been for most of my 6 years of playing. They really help!
    I'm a 6th-year drummer, a year-and-a-half or so bassist, and about a year of guitar. I sing too sometimes, even if I'm not very good...
    Same here!! My daddy promised to get me an electronic drumset for when I go to college, but I'll probably be taking more than that >w< my instruments are my life!
    You play bass? Me too~
    The reindeer puppy says:

    Oh cool!
    I got sucked into a black hole back around July, and I'm still fighting my way out, but other than that everything else is about normal. School's been a big time-killer since August, and since then there hasn't been much opportunity to be on ADISC.
    whitefox has not received any visitor messages.
    Not anymore! :p

    I believe Peachy said you'd be getting belly scritches after being adopted, soooooo...
    How's my 'lil foxie? ^_^
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