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  • Heya guy, take it your probably not around south bend indiana anymore, I finally got back on ADISC after like 8 years :)
    You moved to Colorado? I take it, you're back home in the State's now. Good to see you're back safe.
    Always happy to introduce a person to Tim Minchin he is sort of one of the most amazing comedians ever.
    Thank you for the birthday wish. Things are going OK. I broke a bone in my foot a couple months back, so I've got a Boot cast thing on my foot. Hopefully it'll be coming off soon. Got to get a pic with Westbrook, with yesterday; so that was pretty cool

    Thanks so cool about getting to go to Disney World. Have fun! I've never been, but I've heard that it's a pretty fun place.

    Stay safe.
    Hey, just checking in on how everything's going. Not sure when you were going to be getting to come back home.
    Hey, what's going on? Haven't seen you posting much lately. Everything OK? You going to go to some Thunder games this year? Let you know if you do, and you want me to try to stop by and say hi.
    Hi, Whisko! Drop me a note here. I'm retired Army, and wore diapers under my uniform frequently.

    I saw your handle in another message which spoke of you're being active duty. I'd like to know a bit more about your situation.

    I send you my best,

    I'm going to get to go watch the Thunder play on Thursday, against the LA Clippers. Hopefully, it's going to be a good game, and we'll win. But yeah, like I said; let me know what games you'll be going too. I'll stop by and say hi.
    I'll let you know about what I think of what you knew you thought of what you thought I thought of what your photo was in 2011 in 2015 :)
    I don't know why, but your name is fascinating to me...and the avatars that go along with it! Haha
    I seen you read my post about wearing collars in public. I do not wear dog collars . I wear bondage collars but have had pepole ask why I am wearing a dog collar and I have to explane to them I am wearing a collar ade for pepole not dogs. Just thought I would make that clear. Have a nice night.
    oh but yeah thats where my name comes from
    whisko firstly unless you live in france, DONT TRY IT. i like rare too but to have blue (which i intend to do someday) you need to have a really good steak and a really good chef. thats why you should eat it in a good resturant in france :D
    I hope you found the database stuff a little helpful, It really does help to look into how to design databases. There won't ever be one right answer, but you will at least have an ideas of dos and don'ts.
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