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  • I am cooking a superhero RP, and Natsu wants to make another RP of his own. Beyond that.....*shrug*
    Quite the mean-spirited editing note, ironic when you consider your name is stephen merchant's character mixed with his own name.
    Really? I don't actually care about the items (haven't played TF2 in a while), but those videos are to die for! I must've seen the medic one a dozen times now.
    Hmm, not sure how that'd work. A piston extender would be pretty awkward to set up in the right place, and a single piston would only raise a single block, which they could jump over. Though the old doors and pressure plate setup might work. Hmm. So long as doors still aren't flammable. Can't remember if they are.
    A charged creeper blew up the doors on it. So now I have to have a dirt bridge across the moat to get the grass to grow back around the drawbridge. Guess it's my own fault for trying to fight creepers with EE-provided lightning.
    I can't really add more than I already did in the post before yours. I was waiting for Natsu.
    Wheatley I just visited your deviantart why must you be slower than a snail mutated with a galapos turtle? Any how Bonjour :poke: Are you pokeable?
    If you look at the races, you'll see that being able to use magic varies depending which type of the races you pick. I'm pretty sure 6 of them use magic. The exceptions are the Alpha, Might Auto, and the Transmorphic.
    A more advanced technique, but possible. However, such a move would have to be temporary and limited. For the obvious OP reasons.

    -by the way, the inbox is filled to capacity. With what, I dare not guess.
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