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  • Nothing much, overseeing the construction of my death star, exterminating the force of Man, keeping the Dominion at bay. You know, the usual.
    Indeed, though I thought you would be more sad over the history being deleted, not the board itself.
    That depends, are we talking about the main ones like McDonalds or stretching it to the specialty places like Five Guys?

    -Waaaaay to full. You should probably clear that.
    Sorry I wasn't on yesterday. I didn't get home till 8. I posted though.
    Obviously you're not far in the transformation. A Cyberman with emotions will eventually go insane and probably commit suicide.

    There are many things I'm good at, that is not One of them, maybe.
    But I have emotions!! I can't be a cyberman!

    Okay... Now you're confusing me...

    I never said you were. I offered you m availability to roleplay simply because I like roleplay. You may choose to use this priviledge or not.
    Maybe I meant little as a noun~

    Sounds about right. BUT I DON'T WANT TO BE A CYBERMAN!! >w<

    I guess I'm just a forgiving person.
    You heartless, cold, conniving little...

    My goal is to survive in my body, which would be difficult wihout some sense of usual. Hey, BTW, if you ever want to PM RP, feel free to contact me~
    Don't say I didn't warn you!

    Sounds good to me. Oh, not much. Usual sissyhood and such.
    Well I certainly have plenty of posts for you to run in to! Like this one! | <= right there. It's made of metal, try not to run in to that one~

    In other news, hai~!!
    I wonder if I can comment on my own profile and feel loved. I hope so. Maybe I can start a conversation with myself and be looked at strangely by the populace.
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