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  • Hello ☺ My name is Snaps. I may have already introduced my self to you, but if I haven’t. Hello :-D

    I am the Group Manager of the Australian Group here on the Site, and I’m inviting all of the Australians on the site to become a member, thus making it easier to interact with other fellow Australians ☺

    If you are interested, Please follow the link and join the group ☺

    ADISC.org - Aussie's Unite!

    Hope to see you soon ☺

    I know one babyfurr in Perth. I don't know you well and he's a good mate so I wouldn't give you his contact till I knew you. Still, message me if you feel like it and it you aren't a weirdo (Like so many Perth tbdlfurrs I've met) I'll give you his email. He's a top bloke.
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