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  • I thought I added you as a friend. sorry. also if you want we could message again on yahoo.
    It was sort of an... agreement between me and my boss that I wasn't the best person for the job. I guess I got let go and quit simulatenously? I dunno. Either way. It's all good. c: My Bambinos came in. I don't know whether to be earth-shatteringly excited because these diapers are freaking amazing or depressed because now I don't have a job to buy another case once these are overwith.. :3
    Things are great! I've been getting in shape, been getting my grades up, been doing good for myself. Just ordered myself a nice big case of Bambinos. Got myself a girlfriend and.. well, I had a job up until 2 days ago. Life's been good.
    bah humbug, embrace the awkwardness, contrary to popular belief normalcy is something that can easily be faked.
    Eh, I only have like 6 days of summer left. Kinda bummed about that. School shouldn't come so fast. But it's kind of whatever at this point. Just let it come.. Even though I haven't done my summer reading. :X
    I just noticed. my "Put a completely wrong answer" thread is STILL going. It's been going for like a year. hahahaha
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