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    Hey- thanks for your comments on my story, here and elsewhere. Like I told Newguy20 over at DD, it's a huge boost to get that kind of feedback from a talented and popular author.
    guess who just got nominated for 2 Adisc awards! you! go check it out.
    i really do hope you win, you deserve it, you helped me a ton since i started here, so thanks, and good luck!
    Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
    oh your right I was just being nice I like DogBoys posts way more :biggrin:
    Thanks for adding me as a friend. Yours is one of the names I look for on the latest posts list, I always thought your posts were well thought out.
    so see you around.
    Lol, what a smart arse. I have no choice but to get to know you know to save face. :p
    That's never good. Hope you get better.
    Maybe but not a guarantee. My guess would most likely have been you had a child but didn't get custaty of him/her and more than likely no questions asked. But it was quite interesting to read and know people's background.

    My only question now is, what do you do for a living?
    So I read the post and that lead me nowhere. So I noticed you had since changed your user name. I clicked on that and found my answer. When I ask a question I want the answer and will ask questions like "why" later if I need clarification.

    That sounded like hell you whent through. Hope it's getting better.

    The story also explaines you avatar quite well. It's cute.
    So what does "WB" stand for? Just curious.
    I love your story "A Change for Naomi", I'm reading it as I type (well technically I'm listening to it, but thats not the point)

    I'm on post #248 and it seems that I have quite a few more to go. Great story!!
    Way to end A Change For Naomi with a bang!
    Ah, but I could write one that hooked you, then have it go completely wrong... something Satyrical hasn't done yet... :)
    I still need to get some new reviews up eventually. I wanna find some REALLY bad ones :p That's why I have the deeker file. But often, most of them are too sexual to actually review without getting mod hate >< But, alas, the internet! It holds many wonders
    A Change For Naomi. Update anytime soon?
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