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    Want to try diapers, and I need advice!

    If you're looking for something cute just to wear to bed I personally thing goodnights are adorable. If you are looking for something more frilly or poofy then cloth with some frilly plastic pants would work well. Cosy n Dry has some good cute and frilly things as does Cuddlz. I don't have...
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    Cracked article

    It's certainly better than the one they released a few years back that was just chalked full of inaccurate slander. Something along the lines of all DL's are into the AB's and get off by doing all the gross things they could think of. Most people in that comment section actually saw through...
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    Recreating Weston Academy

    Awesome, I'm excited to see what you do with it and to see some actual progress made with that title. I think I've seen 3 people try to complete or get further in the development of that game. I even helped one as a play tester for a little bit. The story is kind of a mess and so is the code...
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    What in the world is this??????????

    Seems pretty regular to me. Actually not that bad of a song in a silly way hehe.
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    How many of you know another ABDL in real life?

    I've gone to a few munches and met some people. I'm not very close to any but I'm still looking for close friends. I'd recommend to anyone wanting to meet other ABDL's in person to find a munch or meetup in your area. Sometimes it takes a bit of courage but they are a lot of fun.
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    Books You're Currently Reading?

    I just finished Aldous Huxley's Brave New World and it absolutely blew my mind. I loved all the philosophical ideas and questions it raised for me. Anyone have any suggestions for similar books?
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    I'm going to get the 3ds version pretty soon. Would be fun to use my 3ds as another controller. I've been playing the Wii Fit Trainer a lot, funny because I originally thought it was a joke but she is actually really good. Down B then side A is like an insta KO. The 8 player smash is...
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    AB Caretakers without Littles

    This is an interesting topic; I'm glad you brought it up. There seems to be a lot of reasons someone would want or be capable of caretaking. I myself have been a DL since a young age. Once I learned more about the community and what an AB was it just kind of seemed like a logical step to me...
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    You guys, Smash Bros U has come out finally! Anyone else excited about it?! Anyone get an amibo or w/e it's called? Fav characters/ moves/ stages?? I'm having a lot of fun with the game, and I'm really loving the Wii U overall. I would say to anyone thinking of getting one to do it!
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    Greetings and salutations

    Bit late but greetings but welcome! A lot of what you said reminds me of myself with a few tweaks here and there. This place will be good for you as it has for me and I am looking forward to seeing you around.
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    i want a mommy and a daddy!!!

    Being more of a DL than a daddy, I used to fantasize about a similar scenario. Being in a relationship with someone whom is a DL and then having a little one as well. Would be fun. I think it would be possible, though, unlikely.
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    Where does everyone live?

    British Columbia here, more specifically the capital.
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    The New "Steam Machine" the next Xbox killer

    I'm really excited for the controller. I might get the Steambox thing, but not until I get to see how it works. I will definitely get the controller though. Would be good to use for all the PC games I already have.
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    A poll for my own curiosity

    Not really, but the few I do have are about diapers. Perhaps AB's remember more than DL's?
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    Questions Regarding Fetlife

    I find it kind of annoying sometimes too; not from what I can see though. Maybe I should suggest it to the admins. Did you have any other questions?