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    Just going to wait until it happens

    While I like to hold until a certain point and flood, I wish it would come out slower. I never get to a painful point, and I probably won't just to be safe, but I swear I reach capacity in diapers like peekabus or megamaxes in 3 pees.
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    Dropped Nappy

    I had that problem the other day tossing the bags into the bin on garbage day morning. The weight was just too much and it flopped right out.
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    MidWest Furriest (MFF) 2018

    Going to be there too. My said he'd go to the BF panel with me.
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    Someone saw my soaked diaper in public

    I've found that only awful people would say something or comment on it. Most people don't care and probably would have thought it was incontinence issue.
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    MidWest Furriest (MFF) 2018

    Speaking of that panel there was someone on twitter personally threatening the panel and attendees. Resorted to the usual "pedophile" card and to no one's surprise refused to listen to sound logic and arguments, just kept screaming that same word and tried to backpedal on the threat as...
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    Induced dependancy from wearing diaper

    I had an accident the other night after drinking around 2L of water. Woke up to a stream just starting and decided to let it finish. I guess my body finally registered being padded was OK to release on its own.
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    Furries hating Babyfurs

    Every time I see a self centered furry say that babyfurs are pedophiles I'm going to pull the furries are into bestiality card and see how they respond to that. Ever since the RF2015 we have become the cherry picked strawman scrapegoat section of the fandom.
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    Diaper furs in michigan

    I live in the western area of michigan.
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    2 times I was busted

    She broke up after just that? :( I wish people weren't so naive about things like this.
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    How to relax your bladder

    If I'm in a situation where I risk being caught it's a lot harder for me to relax so usually I wait until I have to pee bad since at that point it'll come out a lot easier.
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    Has any DL messed their diaper because they were out of toilet paper?

    I always try to get the most out diapers since they're expensive so I just go in them. Sometimes I'll wait for a few days to get the most out of it.
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    Abu restock!!!

    Too bad the small sizes don't have tapelock.
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    Messing into tp?

    I use to do this before I had a job and decent privacy to buy diapers.
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    Company logo with diapers

    I hadn't even realized that. Also 2nd on the good taco part.
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    How to dispose diapers without getting caught

    I take grocery bags and place them there and take them up in the morning and put them in the street bin on the way to work since grandparents are asleep at the time.