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  • I was going to. I was stopped. How did I lie about it? I tried to but I was stopped
    Then why are you asking? Are you going to call me a fake? Are you going to neg rep me because I changed my mind? Are you gonna starting flagging all my posts for "drama"? Why do you care?
    I thought so... most of the people who give out shitloads of neg rep are people who have about 6, and they are jealous. (That is what I think, at least.)

    At least you made +1 off that joke!
    >.< I think it's Genbaby... he negs newbies a lot, I think. I thought it was funny, and I don't even think the OP was real. I did sort of sound like Shodai, not my intention but still, he has a point.

    Curious, were you ever VIP?
    I'm glad I did... I enjoy reading your posts, you don't get enough good rep... too many people are pricks about the most insignificant things.

    By the way, that's a great avatar.
    No seriously. I saw it once. I asked this person on a diaper site A/S/L and they said they were 14/f/Cali. Everyone knows that they don't exist on diaper sites!
    What happened to you?
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