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  • Hey there!! ^_^

    Thank you so much for accepting my offer of friendship!! **hugs**
    Welcome to... The Rank. Now you can know about our secret missile silos located in the VIP-only areas... wait, this is public?! ...D'OH!!!
    I am inquiring as to why they seem to be made of muffin product... it is most astounding...
    Not to offend, but can you explain me the difference between liberal/libertarian? I am obviously quite out of the know, and a pointers would be great. [I hope that didn't come of as ironic, because it was not, Sorry if I gave such an impression :/ ]
    Thanks : ]

    [This post is in responce to the 'Skinhead plot to assassinate Obama [...]' thread.]
    My day went fine. :D I can't believe you missed all of your classes... I hope they weren't important...

    Also: yay, first visitor message here. :p
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