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    The official Hell's Kitchen season 7 thread

    I just started watching Hell's Kitchen with Dawes this season. It's a goddamn riot and I love it! My prediction: Jason wins.
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    Why do you wear diapers at night?

    I'm normally a caretaker, but I've been switching up lately (it's fun!). I've worn them at night, because good god, they're comfortable and make me feel clean. And that's one of my favorite feelings on earth. Also. That made me laugh so hard that I couldn't function.
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    Grammar Nazi Poll

    Punctuation drives me more nuts than spelling or grammar. I'm not going to get up in arms if you end a sentence with a preposition or use "me" instead of "I." I may notice it, but I don't automatically assume you're a retard. Some spellings, however, are so absolutely hideous that I can't...
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    Diapers that smell AWESOME

    I haven't actually smelled a diaper yet -- I imagine they're all different -- but I thought the smell would be very important. I know with actual baby diapers, they have that powder smell which is my FAVORITE and one of the most comforting aromas I can imagine. If a diaper doesn't already smell...
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    Dream Job

    Dream job would suggest that the job I get would earn me money. :) But here's the list: 1. Professional author -- I'm working on this now. Maybe. MAYBE I'll have a book on a shelf. 2. High school English teacher -- I'm definitely doing this. I was a teacher before when I lived in Texas. I just...
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    What kind of Undead would YOU be?

    Definitely Lich. Having the disgustingly moist, scary body does well for a good show and Jesus H., who wouldn't love fireballs? Besides, haven't you heard? Vampires are sparkly now.
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    If you are near the Holiday Inn in Kensington...

    Am I the only one creeped out by this service? Really? I'll let my own fat ass warm my own sheets, thank you.
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    Favorite book series

    I have so many that I'm currently reading, so I'm not sure if I can really list some! But I'll mention the ones I do like so far: Harry Potter The Belgariad - I did read this one already. I still <3 Polgara. Song of Ice and Fire The Dresden Files
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    That's a very good way to put. I have. It's taken some practice, some trial and error and a senseless amount of beatings, but I think we finally have gotten there. (Not really. This is why he calls me, "asshole.")
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    Who else listens to music while they write?

    I started writing a novel last year. Before that, I wrote 15-20 page short stories. I didn't require music for the short stories, but when I started the novel? Oh yeah. It became a requirement. However, the songs I listen to during writing are altogether random. None of the styles or genres are...
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    Foods that you absolutely HATE!

    Coconut. There's absolutely nothing I like about it and I really don't get the hype. While I like oranges, I also can't stand pulpy orange juice. If you want lumpy drinks, let your milk go sour.
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    Let me repeat that. The key comes down to communication. One more time. The key comes down to communication. Don't let anyone tell you that sharing this secret was easy on Dawes or when I shared my own personal kinks with him that are outside of this realm were easy on me. It wasn't. It was...
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    Rate the Prez!

    My brother calls him "President Santa Clause." I fear I'm in the same boat. I gave the man a C. Not that I believe Obama is notoriously fucked up anything; Bush gave him a big pile of shit to deal with and let's not forget all the things his predecessor completely pooch-screwed for him. If...
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    Pull-ups vs Traditional

    Oh, this was all so good to know. I actually at one point thought the pullups would help inspire that feeling of toddlerhood, but it seems they don't fit right for beans anyway. I can imagine why that would be a pain (Dawes, your vivid descriptions made me chuckle. Good job, sir!). It also...
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    I know, isn't it astounding? :) But yes, he does! I guess the same could be say for me, but being people are still getting to know me here, it's not applicable. :)