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    Put myself in a bit of a dilemma

    This weekend I am relocating my apartment because it of noisy neighbors making it hard to live in. My parents only insist on helping me move out. I am only 23 so having my parents help me move out is not the odd thing. I have roughly 80 diapers on hand. The problem is I have no where to...
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    Mary Jane socks

    Yeah they are the ones that look like the shoes but just sock kind :P I'll take a peek at target. Thanks. :)
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    Mary Jane socks

    I have been trying to find mary jane style socks but many of the stores (in the U.S.) do not carry them. Has anybody been able to find them?
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    Ok to store diapers in suitcase

    Ok, thank you!
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    Ok to store diapers in suitcase

    I have to temporarily store diapers in a suitcase for the next few days. Is it ok to store diapers in a suitcase? I am worried about the tapes not being as sticky.
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    Footed Pajamas in between sizes

    I was looking to getting another footed sleeper but I fall in between size medium and small. Would it be optimal to go the size larger?
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    Pajama Ideas at stores (Target, Walmart etc)

    I was wondering what are some cute pajama ideas that you can get at a local store instead of ordering online. I am still rather small and can fit in kids extra things. But what are some cute clothes to potential get at stores? What have you found a stores?
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    Is it possible to be an adult baby without a caregiver?

    I have been an adult baby for roughly a year and had online mommys that have come and gone. I just got out of a long relationship with one of them and currently I am not looking for one. I guess my question is, can one be an adult baby without having a caregiver? If you do not have a...
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    Mod Large Diaper to Make them Smaller

    Is there a way to mod larger to diapers to make them fit smaller me better. The reason why I ask this is because I was at goodwill the other day and saw tranquility atns briefs and they were xl and my waist is 28 inches. I wanted to get them but I of course knew they would be too big. So...
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    Bambino from Amazon?

    As anymore ever ordered Bambinos from Amazon? I want to do so because I do not want to pay an extra $5 on a prepaid card and with ordering from Amazon you do not have to do so.
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    I got caught...but in a good way?

    They are hidden in a draw in my room and closet. No guests go in my room.
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    I got caught...but in a good way?

    That's what I am thinking.
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    I got caught...but in a good way?

    So yesterday I got caught by my twin brother. My twin brother is my best friend and we tell each other everything but I could never have the guts to tell him about diapers. He confronted me during dinner and said "I know what you have in your room. I really do not care. Whatever makes you...
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    Good Everyday Diaper

    I plan on trying the 24/7 diaper thing for a little bit and want to see how it goes and feels. Only problem is I cannot seem to find a good everyday diaper. I have read on the other forums that many use Molicare or Abena but I'm still in college and don't really have the cash right now...
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    Added Absorbency

    I'm looking to add more absorbency to my diapers. I know the best brands and boosters are online but I was wondering are they any gems at local pharmacies that I can use. I am debating going to a local pharmacy (not national chain) that has Tena diapers and getting those and using them as...