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    Goodbye friends - after some years I do think it is time for me to ramble on. I have not known...

    Goodbye friends - after some years I do think it is time for me to ramble on. I have not known any of you well, I have enjoyed these forums but shall not return. Know that I am out there somewhere, on some such related site - and know that i wish you all only the best. Fondest regards -...
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    Suggestion vicious chatters

    Well, I am not applying for a position as a moderator - i hardly feel it should be my responsibility to police that room. I am simply making a suggestion here, in what i do think must be the correct area - that something be done about that chat room. Perhaps it is merely under utilized, so...
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    Suggestion vicious chatters

    Now, i do realize that such places as #adisc have got regulars, and that people who are regulars feel very territorial about them. But i just have to say that sometimes when I pop into that room i am savaged by one user, not always the same one, but it happens that someone in there takes a...
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    Rift in open beta tues 2-15 thru mon 2-21 and launching 3-1-11

    If anyone is going to check the beta (free) and wants to play together lets make a guild or whatever, it's 6 days only but i did preorder for the launch.
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    image found on reddit - 'now and then'

    imgur: the simple image sharer
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    fragment of something, I'll just leave this here

    I am hungry, and he knows. It comes to me as an almost feeling of fullness and an almost taste of stew. The warmth I soon will feel is in me now, and I pass the time in senseless dreaming as I walk along the ridge toward home. I smell the stew before I smell the fire, and then I see the glow...
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    In the event of your untimely death

    i would like to offer a completely free service to all my friends here at adisc. In the event of your untimely death, please feel free to have them preserve your brain in a jar and mail it to me here, I will keep it safe in case science finds a way to bring you back.
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    How do I Control and Remember My Dreams?

    On the subject of lucid dreaming, i do not know about dream tea or dream journals, but i do know of an easier way. All you will need to do is to form the habit of asking yourself 'Am i dreaming?' Link it to any old day to day activity - each time you pass through a door, try to remember to...
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    The Naked Civil Servant

    Hello ADISC - It's tuesday and world of warcraft is down for scheduled maintainance, so I decided to watch a movie, if i could find a good one. On Netflix i found the Naked Civil Servant available streaming and i watched it just now, and i have come here to recommend it. This is a...
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    This Song Is How I'm Feeling

    How I'm feeling: Living in the sunlight
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    Going to ask out a girl need some advice.

    for my two cents: Its hard to get out of 'the friend zone' so do not phase in - if you are out of her immediate circle atm then you are half way there - DIVE in. Let her know from the beginning openly that you are interested, don't try to do it in stages.
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    a few fragments

    The clock is ticking. If you still have your youth by all means enjoy it, be young have fun. Look at the beautiful young people, they almost glow with their promise and their purity – go, join them, play. Watch out though, there is a man over across the way. He seems to be looking at those...
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    ABDL semantics issue

    AB or DL? or what? These are useful in a way, just as jumping off points, just as general indicators of types of interests. No one has them defined well enough that any large group of us fit either of them fully, or so that many of us are not both or neither. This is because the true...
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    I think i know why DB is down..

    Not sure if this was intended as sarcasm or what, but i'll tell you this. db is NOT any 'gay porn site" altho it has been a longish while since i loged on there i did use to hang out in the chat room quite a bit, and ocasionally post on forums. If anything it is even more self rightous a place...
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    I have a NUK 5 question

    Nuk 5 is so outdated, you need to step into the future of binkies :) ThinkGeek :: LED Pacifier