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  • "If you no longer go for a gap that exists, you are no longer a race driver"-Ayrton Senna
    I love that you have a Senna quote in your .sig!

    Cheers ultrapampers I love the quote he just put it brilliantly
    Ultrapampers: I never saw your message. In fact, I don't remember ever having any conversation with you.
    no it isn't. thats Paul McCartney, sometime between 69-71. sorry I couldn't respond earlier, I didn't yet have the ability to post PM's.
    Hey! Thanks for the friend request! It's great to run into other 'Seattlites' here. I see vintage Pampers among you interests... Got any of the two-tapes-per-side mid-80's kind alleged by happydl on the recent Bambino thread? ;-)
    "Pitstop!" That's all I can quote from Guido because that's the only thing he says in English lol. I do like when Luigi says, "No, no, no, you don’t know what you want...Luigi knows what you want.
    I do, but my tastes fall into WWI-WWII militaria. And sadly, my favorite rifle uses expensive and hard to find ammunition, so I can't go out to terribly often.
    YAY! A new friend!
    Hmmm, sporting clays... Does that mean that you like the little clay discs, or that you like to blast them to bits with a 12 gauge?
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