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    Well, I think it's about time I come out of the shadows.

    I remember you! Omg, 9000 posts. o.o
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    Well, I think it's about time I come out of the shadows.

    I've been a member of this site for quite a while but haven't really contributed a whole lot. A doubt any of my friends are here anymore, but I think I want to be part of the community again. It's been wonderful watching how much this community has grown since I've joined. Let this be my formal...
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    First time wearing in years last week...

    Really felt great. I'm in the military, and for obvious reasons couldn't wear at all. Due to to financial and other reasons I haven't been home in a year. Came home a few weeks ago, after being away for a whole year (left last June) and finally got a chance to wear. Had my bags with me and a lot...
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    Hello , I'm new here and a litte nervous

    How silly of you. And look, the account is just as old as I said it would be. ;P So that's proof. Feel free to message me on here or there. I'm always around.
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    Hello , I'm new here and a litte nervous

    Hello, friend. We've already been introduced and you know where. =] Welcome back. I haven't posted in ages and need to do a re-introduction too.
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    Any military folk out here?

    20 years...dude...that is incredible. Just crazy. I really want to do 20 years and if I don't go Navy, I'm going Army or Marines next. The Marines have an exact copy of my current rate so I would know the job well, however I heard no matter what you are that you just get E-2 when you go Marines...
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    Any military folk out here?

    It doesn't. I've actually ignored it almost completely since I've been in. But yeah, I do enjoy it. It's hot as all hell down in Pensacola. -_-
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    Any military folk out here?

    Besides not beig able to enjoy my fetish, I am enjoying military life. Well, for the most part. :/ But yeah, it's mostly good. Anybody else out here? I'm a Sailor, and surprisingly a lot of people openly express their fetishes out here.
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    Hey, thanks for the season's greetings. Happy holidays, friend. ^.^

    Hey, thanks for the season's greetings. Happy holidays, friend. ^.^
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    The babyfur forum I am sure has many other furries to talk to, so you're not alone. But, regardless, make yourself at home. <3
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    If more people in the world knew about *B/DLism...

    Do you think it would cause a few more people to get into it? Or about the same? I think there would be a few curious kittens who would try it and like it. But even then, we should be careful of who we expose to it. We may enjoy it but they just don't feel the same way. It's the mentality...
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    Hello all!

    USA! USA! Of course all the other nations are cool too. =] Welcome, broski. I am no vet of this site but I will do my best to give you a warm welcome.
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    What are you wearing at the moment?

    Black jeans and my US Navy tee. I wish I had some diapers to wear =[
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    Hello! Im new on this site, and looking to make some friends

    Haha I have Chrono Trigger on right now. I like it a lot so far but the story is confusing.
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    Crossing over to this side...

    *waves back* Hiiii! ^_^