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    What Is The Most You Have Ever Paid For A Pack Of Diapers?

    I paid $100 USD for a box of 72 Pampers Progressi 6+ XL. These are only available in Italy. After the currency conversion and international shipping. It was hard to because most seller don't ship international and had to translate everything on the site. I have no idea why Italian Pampers are at...
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    5 Best Colognes that Smell Like Baby Powder Have you guys tried any of these? If so, how was it?
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    If living with family and they do not know about the diapers, how do you safely dispose of wet/messy diapers without them seeing?

    My room stays lock with a key. I have a trashbin with non see thru bags and I just dump them there on theere tied on their own bag and just fill it with other trash on top and take it outside to the big container when its full.
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    Information Poll

    I was confused at around age 5. Knew I like them at around age 12 and started to wear at around 14.
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    Someone recommended I need to get a onesie

    I've also been wanting some for some time but 1, theyre pricey and 2, they need to be wash so go to be extra carefull!
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    Women have the best butts to make diapers look good.

    I only like looking at myself wearing diapers for some reason and when I do like someone elses pic I usually see it as myself in it not the person.
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    Babies on Tumblr

    I am. Not really that active anymore just ocasionally post.
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    Dollar General Rebranded Diapers

    Have you tried them yet? They do look a bit bigger but do they stretch? The side of the old ones were steetchy and strong!
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    What I saw at the grocery store the over the weekend

    Google PeekABU Hats. I like the characters, I think they're cute. Can't wear them tho because Anons might randomly ask about my kink in public lol
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    What I saw at the grocery store the over the weekend

    It depends. AB/DL friends IRL? No! Online? Yes. Can't we all agree tho that one can wear that hat because one likes it and not to advertise that you're AB/DL.
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    Marshmallow suppository

    Tried masrhmellows once. I was so sticky I spend 40 minutes wiping before hoping in the shower. Havent done it since. Just for 3 minutes of fun to much work and not a fan of real mess because I'm really sensitive when it come to bad smells.
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    Does anyone else like wearing used diapers?

    I do sometimes like feeling or seen them tbh but I like my diapers warm. I'll be more worry about fungus from the bacteria and moisture in my private parts.
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    What I saw at the grocery store the over the weekend

    I would be creeped out for someone random asking about my private interest. Even if I was wearing a hat. I would wear the hat because I liked it and it was cute not to announce I was an Ab/dl. Of course that's just me. There are others that want to meet other abdl's or are simply just into the...
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    New ABU diaper??

    My only complain but I don't mind it much since I'm only in my private space when I wear I don't go out. Hopefully they fix it soon.
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    New ABU diaper??

    Bunny Hops is my favorite Abdl diaper so far. Closest thing I have to Pampers. The design is super cute and colorfull and the plastic feels so smooth when used. I love hook and loop also because you can re adjust unlimited times or if you're like me and you live with siblings and you have to get...