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    Where does everyone live?

    Aishah 20 1/2 female Egypt ab/DL/lg
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    Figured it was about time I say hi...

    hello and welcome. I hope all your questions get answered. pm me if you have any personal questions or anything at all. big hugs tyty20
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    big question

    So i have a friend who's into the furry thing but not exactly the baby or diapered furries so would this group help him or no? also a side question..... How did you get started with this??? Thanks love from tyty20
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    Having Your Dreams Come True. Can You Go Through With It?

    i would like that! if i could do that and keep my husband as my daddy i think i would. but on the other hand i would want to do some "grown up stuff" i now just starting this i would like to be diapered and fed and held and just play around like a baby but idk. i have odd feelings about this...
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    Six Word Stories. Tell Yours!

    spring break how? its still fall!
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    Coming out to mom today as trans

    good luck :) i really hope this goes well :) pleasse do keep us updated.
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    hello welcome :) how are you doing?
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    How do you sleep and with what?

    i sleep with my paci and my hubby. i usualy drink my bottle till im almost asleep then i snuggle upw ith him and use my paci. i dont wear diapers..yet but when i get some i will be :)
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    Hey I'm Chris

    hello chris and welcome. what do you like to do in spare time? how did you start or get interested in this. ? again welcome have fun
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    Like a Bolt from the Blue!

    welcome :) i hope you make tons of friends. i myself is also new so im still figuring most stuff out but if you wanna talk let me know :)
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    Hiya Im Torch.

    hello torch welcome :)
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    whats up

    hello welcome :) hope you enjoy your time here :)
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    AB/DL friends just to hang out

    that would be cool. i wish i had friends that were into this near me. .. all my friends back home would never even tink about such a thing.
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    yay im excited

    i am very happy i slept so great last night i actualy fell asleep drinking from my bottle. whats a nuk 5? congrats on the first bottle :) my paci is just one i found at a grocery store .. same with bottle .. the paci isnt the one i first saw but i like it .. i didnt buy them my husband went...
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    yay im excited

    thats cool. :)