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    Seeking opinions on moral/ethical issue

    [BIG FAT DISCLAIMER: I am not a lawyer nor a law student, I am discussing Canadian law] From a purely legal stand point. Barring the results of a Supreme Court case that has yet to begin, Section 210 of the Criminal Code promises prison time (no more than 2 years) for anyone who "common...
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    Good diapers in Canada

    Quality Life Cares has stores in Winnipeg and Ottawa, they carry Molicare and Tranquility and have a very limited selection of Abena products, they don't appear to offer online ordering anymore.
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    pubic hair

    Just FYI, trimming hair in the shower will lead to expensively clogged drains. (shaving is okay if the hair is short) Regardless, a light trim is the best compromise if you like to wonder around the change rooms of public pools in the nude. Actually, if the change room at my local pool is...
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    No more Depends Fitted Briefs (w tabs) in stores anymore?!`

    I'm skeptical, it seems that every few months we have a small diaper discontinuation panic (even more often for Pampers Cruisers 7). Usually (but not always) it turns out to be overblown. As a general rule, I assume their still being made as long as their are still mentioned on the...
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    Hiding diapers in a lockable chest, trunk, or tote? Need Suggestions, please.

    I would go for a used suitcase from a thrift store, something that looks boring and has a built in lock if possible. In regards to dprdinky's comment about picking the lock, I few people would be so dedicated/rude, but you know the people with whom you live better than I. Just don't be like me...
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    Finding diapers in strange places

    I see discarded diapers on the road all the time. If they are sealed and out of the way of traffic they freeze solid in winter. Diaper hockey anyone?
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    Is there such thing as a good pull on?

    For those of you who don't know, Goodnites Boxers where discontinued. I know a lot of people hated them but I loved them because they held a lot and provided the advantages of a pull on. So I stocked up on them but it feels wrong to use them. So I'm looking for something to replace them. I...
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    Odd idea/product

  9. twtw it really necessary?

    I keep my stash in a locked trunk in the corner of my room. It is both obvious and inconspicuous. I have thought about moving out and my parents even encouraged me to, but I ended up going to a school that's a ten minute bike ride from home, so there was no point. I occasionally wonder if my...
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    New diaper smells?

    That is, no offence a bad reason. And with what they are throwing people into prison for these days a lot of reasons are just that, boring. This is the second time you've bothered him about it, give him a break.
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    New diaper smells?

    From what I've been told from people who work with prisoners, most people in prison will volunteer the information if they are willing but if they don't, don't ask. While not trying to sound rude or forceful (or like I'm talking behind his back), l suggest maybe letting the OP put his past...
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    Where are you in the pecking order?

    I have heard of older children who crave the attention their diapered/toilet training sibling receives will sometimes deliberately wet their pants to get attention. While I did not do this I do suspect that my ABism was born somewhat out of my younger brother's existence. I don't really hold it...
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    Ever have a true accident? (and not be incontinent?)

    I remember when I was younger (eight, nine-ish) I would wet myself when I watched TV in the evenings. I wasn't much, nothing leaked past my underwear and I ignored it. After a while I started changing my underwear when I happened and it stopped. I'm not entirely sure why. I have a strong bladder...
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    Another idiot giving us a bad name...

    As much as I'm not a fan of cops, they are mostly innocent in this regard. It's the reporter looking for a desperate story, that is the concern. Fear sells. I don't know if she did this deliberately, or was simply told to follow the cops and get a story. And in other news: Some research...
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    store brand goodnites in canada?

    That makes total sense, why didn't I see that before?