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  • Grr..it's still here but it froze, so it's frozen snow that won't move. I can't even open the car trunk, LOL.
    Aha, came back a few minutes ago. Freaking hospital wouldn't let me go onto ADISC, I was SO bored.

    How 'ya doing?
    Yeah, and tomorrow I have to go to LA. FML.

    It's kinda foggy where I live, so cool. Gonna go to the Children's Hospital due to my little bro breaking his leg, lol.
    Or more like Santa came, lol. Imagine everyones surprise Christmas morning. xD
    I actually have to make them and then bring them in for the small class. Not cool.

    I'm barely making it since I hate homework, although I do good on the tests.

    Would it be a bother to ask for a MSN or something? You'd be the first ever person I would ask; other people add me but I've never asked someone else.
    Friggin' ridiculous.

    I still need to study fro my ALG2 final tomorrow, that's the only one I'm really worried about.

    Damnit, that and I have to do a report on enchiladas. -__________________-
    Lol, cold front came in, I'm dissapointed now. According to TFW, "IT'S F'ING NICE"

    These past three days have been too awesome, I can't even describe it. Plus, finals are almost over, woot.

    Other than that, at the moment it's pretty bland.
    It did, and I think they just got bored and got jobs or something. *shrugs*

    Aha, nah I've got friends from a lot of races and nationalities, so it's not a problem to me.

    I was gonna say that I had to go, but I didn't have enough time my bad.
    Yeah, I hate it. I'm the Mexican that looks somewhat white, lol.

    Yeah, P-Dale was a Hell of a lot dangerous a while back. So much trash talking around here.
    True that. Plus we have like the stupidest HS rivalries ever. Mall sucks, and too many ugly chicks round here. *shudders*

    I've never heard of Indio, although I'mma look that up since I'm curious like that.
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