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  • Absolutely!

    And yes, I'm sorry my Finnish is still rubbish! But I AM a baby anyway, so... It all adds up, right? :p

    Enjoy school!

    Dan x
    Sounds awesome to me! I want a pair of them! I will just wear them indoors!

    Finnish words I know... Well... Excuse my spelling, as I don't know how they're spelled...

    Mina rakkastaan sinua (I love you)... Ondexi (Sorry?).... Tuhme (Naughty?).... Ykxi, kokxi, kolome (One, two, three)... Ey (No?)

    I did know up, down, left and right but I've totally gone blank now!
    Oh wow! They look awesome! They look very childish - I love them! Though I wouldn't be brave enough to wear them outdoors! :p

    The music I like is very mainstream and British/American... My favourite genre is pop, followed by rock :D What about you?

    Don't apologise - your English is very good! A lot better than my Finnish! :p I only know a few words!
    I watch a lot of comedies! And reality shows, too! I don't 'get' sci-ci really :p Also, I watch a lot of sports - soccer and motor racing especially!

    What the Hell is AB rain gear? :p
    I actually don't like playing games that much. I prefer to drive places instead and do stuff!

    I like being lazy! What TV shows do you watch?
    I won't hurt you! :p Not unless you ask for it, anyway :D

    You've had nice weather? Booo you! It's rained here - and on the day I tried to have a BBQ, too! Horrible!

    Rollerblading!? My god! Do you have a deathwish!? I can't rollerblade for my life :( I have no balance or centre-of-gravity :(

    I'm holding up OK. My boyfriend from Finland may just have become an ex-boyfriend from Finland I think, but... Other than that, I'm good!

    What else you been up to?

    Dan x

    Hello Mister! I had to drop in and say Hi, as it's such a small world.

    My boyfriend is from Finland, and ever since he moved here, I've developed a small obssession with the place. You are now CapturedFinn Number 5 :D

    Hope you're well!

    Dan x
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