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    Just someone reading the forums noticing your signature who happens to take an interest in penetration testing...

    So... No one of importance. I just figured I'd drop by and say hello.
    Aircrack-ng? Hello there network auditor..!
    I would love to waiting for you to come online i kinda want to get the under constation page done so we know what we would like more on the main site like the player (once updated) is going to stay waiting for you to come online to my other network (tech to know) so me you and my other guy to chat about this. THANKS, White Wolf
    I understand you might be busy but if you can come on either adisc irc or my other network bc we need to chat
    Wassup Tuples!
    Just wanted to say HEY, thanks for visiting my page; I joined in '08 also!
    im on sorry i was sleeping but i am on now
    Yo, dude. Please, go back and read my posts. If you do, you will find that I don't go TELL PEOPLE to come out of the closet; I do not advocate for such a drastic act. What I DO DO, is tell people to think hard about if you really want to, and if you NEED to come out! If one individual does, I CAN give them tips on how to come out to their parents with (hopefully) as little drama and pain as possible.

    Next time, read my posts fully please. It'll cause less drama.
    Matter of fact, I have about 25 of them! Besides having an AB side of me that loves baby gear such as strollers and prams, I also enjoy collecting and restoring the nicely made models as a hobby. I can easily fit into any of them, and they're made so well my weight (145 lbs.) doesn't hurt them at all. I saw what you posted about the 5-pt harness. I can get three points attached around me, but the shoulder straps are way too short to go over me and hook to the buckle. :(

    hi huggies_cutie! I hope you're enjoying ADISC. If you ever need help with something or just want to talk, don't hesitate to drop me a line. See you around :)
    im a male. like i know this is weird but wat sex r u, cus i dont think u post it on ur profile
    Hello! 8D

    How are you?

    I feel so left out on this site; there's like no girls. D8
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