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    Tykables Lil Rawrz

    I just picked up my first case of these, too. Ends up I can't wear them to work, they're so loud. Like, not an it's-my-imagination kind of thing, these things sound like you have a plastic bag in your pocket.
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    Mega max

    Is v2 shipping in Large yet?
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    Book Review!? Post your AB books here !

    Rosalie is a polarizing figure in the community. I hope you enjoy the book.
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    Likely an unpopular opinion--BetterDry's are TERRIBLE.

    Ah, the internet. Where everything is either the best thing ever or plain goddamn awful. Glad to know that Betterdry are on par with Depend, Tranquility, and those stupid diapers that are the only option at brick and mortar med supply shops. Oh wait, they aren’t. Betterdry has the highest...
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    Containing the smell of a mess

    Other than changing immediately? There aren't any this side of being in a plastic bubble.
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    Northshore new product November! :DDD

    Indeed, it is the Large. I just measured about 115mm from the top of the core to the top of the padding. If you're not an, um, show-er, it can be a bit of a problem when laying down.
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    Northshore new product November! :DDD

    Adam, Any chance the absorbent core can be shifted northwards? I've had a few instances, especially with side sleeping, where I'm seemingly missing the core and leaking over the top and into the sides. And even with perfect back sleeping, I don't think I've been able to get a drop on the...
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    My source is getting too familiar.

    She knew they were for you, she sold them to you, and continued to make pleasant small talk. Dude, she's glad you're there buying her products.
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    Northshore new product November! :DDD

    Order is in. Should have had the trucker drop the case off on their way out of Chicago! Thanks for the new product, Adam.
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    Northshore new product November! :DDD

    Like, it's possible we could start ordering cases tomorrow or Thursday?
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    Northshore new product November! :DDD

    The "2 gallon" (6500mL) rating is the standard test where they dunk the whole diaper in salt water and weigh it afterwards. It's not the real capacity, but you can rank it against other products that way. As far as I know, Peek ABUs are the only other 6500mL class diaper on the market, which...
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    Question for DL's with kids

    If you’re going to insult me, at least be correct. ‘Railroading’ is a gerund; a verb used as a noun. Ask the publishers of “Progressive Railroading” magazine if my usage is correct.
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    Question for DL's with kids

    No. I know Slomo from other forums. He honestly doesn’t believe that DL can be sexual in any way. Full stop. I fully agree that it can be both.
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    Question for DL's with kids

    Traveling on or constructing railroads? mean the other definition. Isn’t it crazy that words can have multiple defintions and meanings, and not just the ones that justify your opinions?
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    So i was at the store today

    Oh, I wasn’t trying to make it a what if situation. Because it wasn’t. If she had gotten an eyeful and asked you what kind of diapers you wear, that’s a conversation starter. Someone smiling politely isn’t that.