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  • hey, thank you very much for your help =)
    i learned english in school for 9 years but since my study it's a bit frozen^^
    perhaps here i can refresh my skills
    So I like the salt pretzels better, especially very yeasty ones. While they are great for breakfast, that yeasty-ness tastes really great with beer.

    Regarding the sauerbohnen, my sister-in-law lives in the Odenwald. We get to visit every few years, but didn't get down there while we were in Norway except when we first moved over. A shame, really. Hopefully a trip back will come up soon, though our current "big" trip for next year is planned to be Australia.
    Hey, ich bin neu hier, habe dich zuletzt im "Deutschen" Forum schreiben sehen... aber ich verstehe es irgendwie nicht. Ich kann keine Beiträge schreiben oder in Gruppen beitreten. Kannst du mir helfen =) ?
    lieber gruß
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