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    Adult Pacifiers

    I have quite a collection of regular baby/toddler binks, but ordered the Nuk5 nipples from (shipping from Canadia wasn't too bad, considering the exchange rate, and the post manages to get it here in a reasonable amount of time) and popped the buttons off the guard, and replaced the...
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    *Shocking News* The Bad Baby! (Baby Brett)

    I'm about 6 hours north of where Inky lives (or, at least from where I last verified him) and I (and Mommy, too!) have been really good about meeting more people, lately. Send me a PM when you're up this way and we can grab a bite.
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    I've been discovered. Need some advice.

    Imagine that you saw a gigantic, veiny black dido in your mom's underwear drawer and she sent you a similar text. How might you feel? Would you want to discuss it further?
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    Good diaps in Washington State

    Passed by Lincoln Pharmacy on my way home from work - sitting at the light, I saw a guy walk down the sidewalk with a plastic bag and a cardboard box. In the bag were two packs of Attends, and, guessing from the box, a Case of Tenas. So, yeah they sell diapers, but you might have to ask for 'em.
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    Footed onesies

    Privatina is baller threads. Might as well buy Gucci, it'll be about the same price.
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    HELP ME!!! Finally been caught! OMG! What am I gonna do!!!! :(

    I can see that you are more than qualified to dispense life advice, you're clearly the picture of success.
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    Giving diapers up!

    High Risk, High Reward. I went on lots of dates, and despite my admissions, and even my attitude, it still went my way. There are now at least fifty other women, whom are practically strangers, in my area, who know what I'm into because I told them, on the first date. Eventually, you know...
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    Looking for a skeleton.

    Did you check in your closet? :lol:
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    HELP ME!!! Finally been caught! OMG! What am I gonna do!!!! :(

    You know how that respect is earned? You move out of their house. This whole idea of parents being OK with their adult child wearing diapers while still at home is the epitome of the fantastically retarded ideals some of you hold, and, honestly, is likely the reason why your lives aren't going...
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    How can you tell when someone is peeing in their diaper

    I notice that mostly it's the smell, which, even in Bambinos, fades quickly, but is still noticeable for about 5 minutes, maybe more. It's not a straight wet (pee) smell, but those of you who are familiar with wet Bellissimos will know what I mean. I sit next to my coworkers in a training...
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    HELP ME!!! Finally been caught! OMG! What am I gonna do!!!! :(

    You guys are dumb. Since when has "personal and private" ever worked with a parent, and resulted in zero followup questions and action?
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    Incontinance Beeak Through!!

    Not unusual at all, as I described above. Read about anticholinergics.
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    *Shocking News* The Bad Baby! (Baby Brett)

    That was me, and I have no problem claiming it. In my interactions with him, and seeing his interactions with others in the community, I stand by my assessment of his character, which is my opinion. Relatedly, I'd find you to be guilty by association, as well. My "snap" judgements are rarely...
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    HELP ME!!! Finally been caught! OMG! What am I gonna do!!!! :(

    Wow. Lots of replies here from people who apparently didn't have parents..? Maybe wait it out. Dads have a way of knowing when they shouldn't ask about things, even though they probably already know the answer. It was more than clear what they were, and he probably didn't investigate further...