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  • Just read your about page. Also went through pre-med, difference is that I’m totally 100% math-driven. I totally support your idea for possibly going army. I think that’s super cool!
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    Hi, I'm sorry I missed your message. Your name did not offend me, it just caught my attention. I have a lot of respect for people in your line of work (my wife is a great nurse). I spent a good amount of time getting put back together at the Shock Trauma unit at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore. Their team and approach is ground breaking. I wouldn't be where I am today without them. Good luck with your career!
    Hi, Sorry I didn't get your message. No, your name isn't offensive, it just caught my interest. I have a ton of respect for people in your field. My wife is a nurse. I spent two weeks in the shock-trauma unit at the University of Maryland Hospital in Baltimore. If you haven't heard of it, you should check it out. it's ground-breaking.
    No problem :) Seems to me that people here can be very judgemental at times, despite not wanting to be judged themselves for their baby sides. ABs can be very pushy, rude and demanding, just like real babies. It's almost as if a lot of them forget everything they have ever learnt about manners and respect because they are in baby mode and think it is ok to behave like spoilt brats. Probably tell themselves it is not really them being rude it's their baby side being honest or outspoken. Happy Monday to you too :)
    @Bambusa I tried to PM you to answer, hopefully you'll see this anyway. I'm pre-med with my hopes and dreams on being a trauma surgeon in the end. On the in between, I'm also studying for a paramedic certification. So... all around - I work with trauma all day. *shrug* Sorry if it offended you.
    Hi, I went through a pretty traumatic event involving me, my wife and a car driven by an irresponsible, narcissistic, young female. I was wondering if you would share why you chose traumachick as your avatar name.
    Nice to see a female who enjoys messing there diapers :D I thought it was males that did it haha
    :) lol its okay. i have to sneak on every so often. my family is nosey as hell even with my own computer :p
    ELLO! ^_^ wanted to say hi. hoping to fine more people for me and my gf to talk to. she's not on here but she would love to talk to another baby girl
    Hey I see you haven't gotten any messages. So let me be the first to post to your wall :D By the way, Im in the Kansas/ Oklahoma bunch to :)
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